Wetlands without Borders

The Wetlands without Borders programme aims to preserve the biodiversity of the La Plata Basin and the sustainable livelihoods of its communities.

Vision and mission

Our vision is that policies, legal frameworks and practices guarantee the long-term preservation of the La Plata Basin, which is characterised by free-flowing rivers, sustainable economic development and conservation of biodiversity.

Our mission is that civil society plays a key role in governance for the restoration, conservation, and sustainable development of the La Plata Basin.

How we work

For more than three decades, diverse organisations have cooperated to build awareness about urgent environmental questions, promote sustainable solutions and push for provincial, national and regional laws, rules and regulations based on sustainable and inclusive environmental governance of the La Plata Basin. The Wetlands without Borders programme builds on this groundwork to advance our shared vision of a biodiverse La Plata Basin, with free-flowing rivers and sustainable economic development.

Strategic alliances and capacity building

We are building and expanding strategic alliances among organisations at national, regional, and international levels. We work with groups that are or will be affected by government plans or private sector activities in the region, including community groups, labour associations, producer organisations, women’s groups and youth groups. We support communities in articulating their concerns and needs, challenging plans that threaten their livelihoods, and promoting their own ideas and plans for their environment.


Through campaigns and public outreach, we inform people about threats to the region, influence public opinion and raise awareness about sustainable solutions. We organise meetings, events and people’s mobilisations, and spread our messages via social media, national and community radio, and other media outlets. Our campaigns include: ‘Nossos Vidas são os Rios’ (‘Our lives are the rivers’), ‘Ley de Humedales YA!’ (‘Wetlands Law NOW!’) and the annual ‘Dia do Rio Paraguai’ (‘Day of the Paraguay River’).

Research and knowledge-building

We keep a close eye on government policies and plans – for the environment, economy and infrastructure – that affect the ecosystems and people of the La Plata Basin. Our research enables us to formulate concrete proposals that contribute to the protection and restoration of the La Plata Basin and promote the livelihoods of its people.

Advocacy and legal action

We advocate to improve local and national policies and legislation toward democratic management of the natural resources of the La Plata Basin. Our work entails positive engagement with policymakers, as well as legal action and the use of complaint mechanisms to hold companies and governments accountable for non-compliance with environmental or human rights laws and standards.